The secrets of Peru’s running tribe

Porters carrying everything we needed to survive

Anyone familiar with running is probably aware of Chris McDougall’s famous ‘Born To Run’ book. It is credited with sparking a paradigm shift in the way people think about our capabilities. Although the trend of barefoot running appears to be on the wane, it is safe to say that the book inspired millions to throw away their padded running shoes for good. The reason for this Read More →

Vivobarefoot Motus: 100 mile review

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 13.46.43

Vivobarefoot have a problem. It is nothing to do with the way they make shoes. They have been at the forefront of the barefoot running movement since 2004 and have become quite the shoemaker in the preceding 11 years. The company are committed to producing nothing but pure barefoot shoes. In a nutshell, it requires a thin sole, a wide toe-box and a zero heel-to-toe Read More →

Strava can take the blame for amateur EPO boom

Doping controls at the Tour de France

EPO – the miracle drug that has helped so many cancer patients survive chemotherapy. Unfortunately, it’s legacy is already sealed as the perpetrator for sport’s biggest fraud. Endurance athletes love EPO. It stimulates the body to create fresh blood cells, which help deliver more oxygen to the muscles. That is a pretty handy thing to have if you’re trying to pedal up a 15% gradient Read More →

The real reason Vibram were sued for their FiveFingers

A pair of Vibram Fivefingers.

News that Vibram had agreed to settle a lawsuit accusing them of making unsubstantiated claims about the benefits of wearing their Fivefinger shoes was greeted by shod runners as if Christmas had come early. This, supposedly, was justification for their argument that humans actually can’t reduce the risk of injury by wearing so called ‘barefoot shoes’ but must instead seek support, structure and cushioning. But Read More →

Why counting miles can harm your running

Picture 5

10 miles-a-week, 20 miles-a-week, 100-miles-a-week. No matter how much running you do or how fast you do it, the vast majority of runners measure their training by how many miles they complete on a weekly basis. It is understandable why counting miles is more attractive than counting hours and minutes; miles run sounds more impressive than hours run for, and we all like to make Read More →

Pacers let Mo Farah down on London Marathon debut

Farah running his first marathon

Mo Farah struggled to make an impact on his marathon debut in London, finishing almost four minutes behind winner Wilson Kipsang. Farah got off to a slow start, running the first 5km in 14:48, 26 seconds behind the lead group, paced by running legend Haile Gebrselassie. The pacemakers in Farah’s group were going slower than expected, leaving Farah almost one minute behind after 10km. By the Read More →

Mo Farah risks reputation at London Marathon

Farah lies faint on the New York tarmac.

If you want to get an idea of the level of expectation surrounding Mo Farah one hour before his London Marathon debut, you need look no further than the current odds for the elite men’s race. Farah’s adoring public will come out in their hundreds of thousands this morning with the hope that they will catch a glimpse of the running legend winning another major Read More →

Silva North Downs Night 10k – race report

Night time pic

Despite being a fully grown man, upon hearing about my latest race my mother always takes the chance to tell me to “be careful”. Usually, this precaution slips through one ear and out of the other, but on this occasion I knew I would have to heed her advice. That is because, for the first time, I was entering the realm of nighttime trail running. Read More →

Annual training review: 2013

Picture 3

2013 was a big year for me and my running. I had spent the majority of 2012 working for the running retailer Sweatshop which, ironically, prevented me from running. Due to poor working conditions, I was left working 45-50 hour weeks, leaving little time to go running. But working for a different company – Vivobarefoot – provided a welcome change. I was working less and, Read More →

Health foods v natural foods

Don't get scared, they're only vegetables.

It seems strange that people have never had so many food choices available yet we are more confused than ever about what to eat. Low fat diets, high fat diets. Eat lots of carbs, eat no carbs. It’s no wonder the Western world is on the brink of an obesity epidemic. So mixed are the messages we are receiving from those who feed us that Read More →